5 Tips for Car Insurance Choice

by Car Insurance July. 21,2023
5 Tips for Car Insurance Choice

Many car owners have a great headache for car insurance. Now a growing variety of auto insurance, the market of auto insurance companies are also a large number. Faced with the complicated car insurance they don't know exactly how to choose, and many 4S stores can also come with selling insurance. Some car owners convenient, every year directly in the 4S shop to buy insurance, but some car owners feel that the 4S shop to buy insurance is too expensive, they will choose to go to the insurance company or other means to buy insurance. So what insurance must be purchased when buying car insurance? And what exactly do we have to buy?


What's the whole car theft insurance? The insurance liability for the total vehicle theft and rescue of motor vehicles is the reasonable cost of the theft, robbery, the loss of the vehicle caused by the robbery and the damage to the vehicle during theft, robbery, robbery or the loss of parts and parts of the vehicle and the loss of ancillary equipment.


Do I need to buy it? If the owner of the car is the following situation, it is recommended to purchase: no fixed garage, generally parked in the open-air parking lot, often travel outside, no fixed parking place, parking area is not good security.


What does commercial third party liability insurance cover? The meaning of third party commercial liability insurance means that the insured person or his permitted lawful driver in the course of using the insured vehicle accident, resulting in personal injury or death of the third party or direct damage to property, according to law should be the insured to bear economic liability, the insurance company is responsible for compensation. Since the introduction of strong insurance, third party liability insurance has become a non-mandatory insurance, can be used as a supplement to the exchange of strong insurance.


Do I need to buy it? It's a suggestion don't save the money! If you crash a luxury car or drive a car that causes serious injury, the compensation can be in the hundreds of thousands. The maximum loss of 122,000 is apparently a cup of water. Insured for commercial third party liability insurance, the part of the insufficient payment of strong insurance, can be paid for by the insurance company for you. The higher the guarantee, the better, it is recommended to choose at least 20-500,000 protection amount.


What is the vehicle loss insurance? Vehicle loss insurance is a natural disaster (excluding earthquake) or accident within the scope of insurance liability for an insurance vehicle, resulting in the loss of the insured vehicle itself. As one of the most premium insurance premiums in most private car insurance, many car owners do not know how to calculate the vehicle loss insurance.


Do I need to buy it? The scope of car damage insurance is quite extensive, so in order for the vehicle to have better protection, reasonable insurance of vehicle damage insurance is quite necessary.


Self-ignition insurance, known as vehicle self-ignition loss insurance, is an additional type of insurance for vehicle loss insurance, the owner can only insure the vehicle self-ignition insurance on the basis of the insurance of motor vehicle loss. The amount of insurance for self-ignition insurance is generally determined in accordance with the actual value of the insurance vehicle, and the cost is not too high.


How to choose to buy, 1-2 years of new cars do not need to buy self-ignition insurance, because this should be the responsibility of the manufacturer. Second-hand cars and vehicles that exceed the warranty period, the choice of self-ignition insurance is more appropriate. Car insurance is bought every year, and when it comes to buying it, it is estimated that most drivers receive harassing calls from insurance companies. Always find all sorts of reasons to reject those clerks, but then refuse and then do not know how to buy insurance will be better? Is it to find an acquaintance to buy, or to the insurance company's official website to buy, or other way to buy? Small editor in this list of several ways to buy insurance, hoping to help you.


Mobile phone APP above purchase, in this Internet era, most netizens like to use mobile phone APP for shopping, convenient and fast. The purchase of car insurance is the same, now many car APPS have the function of car insurance. In the car APP above the car insurance, the discount range is large, there are the corresponding oil card and other gifts. This is basically the same as the salesman's telemarketing model, only in a different form. Buying car insurance online is more reliable than buying car insurance by phone, and all offers can be found through the words on the web page.


The salesman telephone contact to buy the salesman telephone direct car insurance there is a relatively large risk, and has a certain degree of deception, must ask clearly before the purchase, conditions also need to record, and because do not know the personal information of the specific clerk, blame is more difficult, serious may also encounter fraud. After placing an order, according to the insurance policy number to the official website of the insurance company to inquire whether it is true, we also want to determine the identity of the delivery policy personnel, and then give the premium.


Insurer official website purchase, insurance company official website to buy, log on to the official website of the insurance company, enter the owner's personal information and vehicle information, choose the good insurance, the website will automatically show the total insured price. When the owner clicks on online payment, the online order can be generated. Convenient, clear, is the official website to buy insurance benefits. But car owners as long as the online submission of the price, equal to the full purchase of car insurance, such as insurance companies business to call to confirm the situation, chat and find that there are concessions, regret no use. Therefore, before buying car insurance on the official website, call the car insurance clerk to confirm.


Find an acquaintance to buy, if someone who knows is selling insurance, you can buy it directly from him, the acquaintance buys insurance will have more discounts, if your car has not been insured in a year to enjoy a lower discount. For example, to buy 3000 yuan of car insurance, you can enjoy the minimum 7.7 percent discount, just spend 2310 yuan can buy insurance, you can save 690 yuan. But with acquaintances to buy car insurance also has a very bad place, to take into account each other's relationship, the relationship is too familiar with what requirements are embarrassed.


Directly in the 4S shop to buy, generally 4S store selling cars at the same time, there will also be outlets to sell insurance. Insurance bought in 4S stores will be higher than other ways to buy insurance, but 4S store scann insurance for repair claims is more convenient, because the insurance outlets are in the 4S store.


Car insurance must be purchased every year, which insurance must be insured, and drivers can be insured according to the actual situation of their car. Reasonable way to buy insurance, both to save money and worry, we can also choose according to their own actual situation to buy.