#45 Zhejiang University (ZJU)

by World Universities July. 21,2023
#45 Zhejiang University (ZJU)

Basic Infomation:

World Position: No. 45

Nature of University: Public

Research Findings: Very High

Number of students: 39,936

Number of Teachers: 6,065

Number of international students: 9,177


Zhejiang University (ZJU) It is located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, is a public research university and a member of the elite C9 alliance.

Zhejiang University was established in 1897, one of the most old, most selected, most famous higher education institutions in China. The school is founded in 1897 to be an entrance to the school, one of the first new colleges and universities that the Chinese they have, and named the National Zhejiang University in 1928. In 1937, he made a school in Zunyi, Yitan and other places, and he was relocated in Hangzhou in 1946. In 1952, Zhejiang University has transferred to the Chinese Academy of Sciences and other colleges and universities. The main part has been reorganized into a number of colleges and universities in Hangzhou, and it has been developed into the former Zhejiang University, Hangzhou University, Zhejiang Agricultural University and Zhejiang Medical University. In 1998, the four schools of the same roots achieved the merger, and the new Zhejiang University was formed.

As of June 2020, the school has 7 campuses such as Zijingang, Yuquan, Xixi, Huajiachi, Jiang, Zhoushan, Haining; there are 7 schools, 37 professional colleges, 1 engineer college, 2 Chinese and foreign cooperation School of School, 7 affiliated hospitals; 62,2344,40 square meters. More than 140 undergraduate and 300 graduate courses are available. It is the location of 3,611 full-time teachers, including 41 members and Chinese Academy of Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences. ZJU has 53,673 students, of which 53% are graduate students.

Zhejiang University maintained six academic libraries. The overall library collection contains more than 7.9 million volumes, making it one of the largest academic series in China. The university also includes 7 affiliated hospitals, 1 museum, 2 international committees, with more than 200 student organizations.

The university is proud of innovation and entrepreneurial culture. ZJU researchers are crossing many priority fields, solving global challenges, including artificial intelligence, large aircraft assembly technology, cleaning energy, marine technology, industrial control technology, and global public health initiatives related to preventing infectious diseases. ZJU also won the number of commercial start-ups in its rotation. More than 100 alumni sits at the helm of the listed company at home and abroad, so that the university excellence and synonymous words.

ZJU is committed to changing China and the world through active participation. The main innovation and development include advanced platforms for intellectual property exchange, as well as the formation of some intelligence in the development of China, National Agriculture and Rural Development Research Center, and Public Policy Research Institute, which extends the scope of ZJU Social Science Research. 

ZJU has a partnership between more than 180 institutions in more than 30 countries around the world. These include leading agencies in the University of Empire, Sydney and the University of Illinois, Illinois, Elbana - Champagne.

ZJU and 6,843 international students' queues, about 8,000 students participated in a teachers and students participated in a variety of overseas mobile plans, with their extensive network to cultivate their wide network to cultivate talents with global outlook. . Cooperation with University of Edinburgh and Illinois, it also established ZJU-UOE and ZJU-UIUC institutions in Haining International Campus. I have trained outstanding alumni, such as Li Zheng, Li Zhengdao, etc.

The University is also a university in the class of the China Ministry of Education. It is an active member of the Yangtze River Delta University, the Pacific University, the Global University Network, and the Association of the International Association of the International Association.

Applying for several fields of research strength, ZJU currently ranked first in mainland China, ranking first in the Range Rankings of Times Higher Education and QS World University Rankings. ZJU's 18 discipline has been selected as China's "double" initiative and 39 disciplines score in recent national assessments. In recent years, it is ranked in the world's top 100 universities according to the most-widely cited university rankings in the world such as the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU), the Times Higher Education World University Rankings (THE) and the QS World University Rankings (QS). Regarding Research Output, The Nature Index 2020 Ranks The University 6th in China, 7th in The Asia-Pacific and 18th in The World Among The Global Academic Universities.

About Undergraduate:

Under the direct management of the Ministry of Education, New Zhejiang University is a key comprehensive university, and the study of the study of the study of the study. Eleven study branches, namely philosophy, literature, history, education, science, economics, legal, management, engineering, Agriculture, agriculture, agriculture, and medicine. The university now has 110 undergraduate learning majors, and has the right to grant 264 planned and doctoral degrees in 181 plans. According to its government, there are 13 national key laboratories, 2 national engineering research centers and 3 national engineering and technology centers. In addition, it has established 24 national key majors and 39 postdoctoral stations.

About Postgraduate:

ZJU is one of the most prestigious research and learning institutions in the country. We offer a student-centered education that inspires the academically motivated, intellectually curious, and socially conscious students. Students can choose from 140+ undergraduate and 300+ graduate programs through 36 colleges and schools on seven campuses. Eighteen disciplines of ZJU have been selected for China’s “Double First-class” Initiative (3rd in China) and 39 disciplines graded A in the recent national assessment (1st in China). Under its administration there are 10 State Key Laboratories, 3 National Engineering Labs and 6 National Engineering (Technology) Research Centers at the University.

Endowed with a pleasant climate, picturesque surroundings and a favorable academic atmosphere, Zhejiang University is an ideal place for teaching, learning and research.