3.5 trillion directly shrunk to 1.5 trillion

by Forex July. 21,2023
3.5 trillion directly shrunk to 1.5 trillion

Judging from the latest news, the consultations between the Biden administration and Senator Manchin seem to have gradually come to fruition. The expenditure plan has been cut to around 1.5 trillion yuan, which is quite different from the previous 3.5 trillion yuan, and has shrunk by a full half. There is more. Regarding this matter, it depends on how you interpret it; if you interpret it from the perspective of the infrastructure bill, although the scale of the expenditure plan has shrunk significantly, at least it can be passed in the Senate, so that Biden's infrastructure plan can be implemented, but in the end The effect will be unclear at present; if the expenditure plan is to be interpreted, the 3.5 trillion yuan scale has been abruptly cut by more than half. This is obviously a humiliation, but the Biden administration really has nothing to do. After all, the United States The bill system is like this. Who told Manchin to hold the key vote. If he can’t get his support, this spending bill will definitely fail to pass in the Senate, so don’t do anything. So the Biden administration had to compromise. , Had to make concessions, but seeing this situation, everyone would feel aggrieved. The dignified president of the US government was swayed by a small congressman. This bizarre situation may only occur in the United States (of course, the bill Similar situations may occur in countries with similar systems)

Although from the current situation, the Senate’s biggest obstacle seems to eventually reach a consensus through compromise and pass it in the Senate, but don’t think that this matter will definitely be ended simply, because there is still a wave of progressives in the House of Representatives who need to deal with it. Because of their obstruction, the infrastructure bill has been unable to vote in the House of Representatives; now due to Manchin’s aggressiveness and the Biden administration’s swiftly compromising stance, these progressives are extremely disappointed, and the situation has become even worse. It has become more complicated and has further aggravated the divisions within the Democratic Party. The spending bill was blocked in the Senate and must be compromised. Now that the infrastructure bill is also blocked in the House of Representatives, what should we do next? However, the demands of this wave of progressives in the House of Representatives are also very firm, because-if there is no firm agreement on a larger package, they will not vote on the infrastructure bill.

Therefore, just wanting to pass legislation to stimulate the development of the U.S. economy has broken Biden's heart, because this kind of domestic institutional system in the U.S. has instead become a variety of constraints, which continues to hinder the recovery and development of the U.S. economy; therefore, it is a big issue. In front of us, our national system is really too advantageous. With a single order, we can work together to do things well, efficiently and effectively.

At the operational level, from the perspective of the situation, the US dollar as a whole is still dominated by shocks today, but there is no answer to the specific direction. After all, the US dollar index can go higher today, and it is no problem to fall. Now the disk is deliberately using shocks to consume time; In this case, you can only try to find valuable points for layout today, and you can take the stop loss in the light warehouse!

Trading straregy:


The U.S. dollar index is likely to show a volatile pattern today, and the corresponding European and American currencies will also be a turbulent pattern. Therefore, try to find opportunities to overestimate the low scum today; in combination with the market, give the following suggestions and refer to the operation as appropriate. :

Buy in the 1.1570-1.1580 range, stop loss 20 points, and target 1.1600, 1.1620, 1.1640.


Today's second operation currency pair, continue to choose pound-US trading. The operation idea is also similar to that of Europe and the United States. Suggestions for low-poly layout are given. Please refer to the operation as appropriate. Wessang:

Buy in the range of 1.3725-1.3735, stop loss 20 points, and target 1.3755, 1.3775, and 1.3795.


The recent gold trend is indeed quite devilish. Take yesterday as an example, this wave of correction has also caused a lot of people to be dizzy and confused, and it also made the market wonder what to do next. In this case, we will try our best to deal with it with cautious thinking. Give a little cautious low-poly layout, do what the market gives a chance, wait and see before giving a chance, wessang:

Buy in the range of 1780-1781, stop loss 3 US dollars, target 1784, 1788, 1793.