Business Management

by Business Management July. 14,2023
Business Management

As an important branch of management, business management is a highly applied subject. Based on the basic theories of management and economics, it studies how to use modern management methods and means to make effective corporate management and business decision-making. This major covers a wide range, and the courses studied cover many courses such as economics and management. Therefore, business management is a broad-based and practical subject.


Regarding commercial properties (real estate), all management activities that enable them to smoothly carry out business activities are collectively referred to as commercial management, and in some fields are also referred to as private management by scholars.

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In accordance with the order of implementation of management actions for a specific commercial property (real estate), the content of commercial management is as follows:

Before commercial property (real estate) project construction

1. Planning and positioning: ten positioning issues such as the overall positioning of the project, commercial function positioning, commercial format positioning, construction product positioning, business category positioning, target brand positioning, target customer positioning, etc., to determine the construction direction and positioning target of the project.

2. Commercial planning and design: including general concept planning, commercial planning layout, commercial flow design, store counter division, property standard determination, equipment matching selection, project expansion design review and consulting consulting, project construction drawing design review and Consultant consultation.

Mid-term construction of commercial property (real estate) project

1. Commercial decoration design: Design the internal space, external space, lighting, shopping guide instructions, and commercial decoration standards of commercial properties to ensure that the spatial links and visual effects of commercial objects are harmonious and unified with the commercial positioning and brand requirements of the project. Including: commercial space conceptual design, commercial lighting conceptual design, shopping mall counter store design, shopping guide signage design, facade and outer square conceptual design.

2. Real estate sales (if necessary): plan and determine project packaging concepts, investment value, sales points, pricing strategies, sales strategies, sales control strategies, customer gathering strategies and crisis management strategies, etc., to help developers realize capital return and investment income.

Late stage of commercial property (real estate) project construction

1. Merchants: Merchants for main stores, general brand stores or stores.

2. Operation management: preparations for the opening of the mall, establishment of a business management team, various business management training, brand optimization and merchant training, guidance on store image, brand image and merchandise display, supervision and guidance of merchant sales management, merchandise management, and employee management , Promotion management, customer management, standardized management services, sales promotion management, etc.

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Theoretical basis of business management

Business Management: that is, business management. It is a new major after the adjustment of the disciplines of the self-study examination. The establishment of this major is to train professionals who are engaged in the management of industry and commerce and other types of enterprises under the conditions of the socialist market economy. After professional studies, those who pass the grades should systematically master modern management theory and have extensive knowledge. Familiar with the basic skills and scientific methods of various types of management, able to be competent in corporate management.

commercial estate

Commercial real estate, as the name suggests, is a real estate for commercial use. It is distinguished from residential real estate whose main function is residential, and industrial real estate whose main function is industrial production. Commercial real estate generally refers to the real estate forms used for various retail, wholesale, catering, entertainment, fitness, leisure and other business purposes. It is different from ordinary residential, apartment, villa and other real estate forms in terms of business model, function and use. Real estate with office as its main purpose belongs to the category of commercial real estate and can also be listed separately. The most commonly used vocabulary abroad is the concept of retail real estate. Broadly refers to the form of real estate used in the retail industry, and is a narrowly defined commercial real estate.