Master of Business Administration

by Business Management April. 22,2023
Master of Business Administration

The Master of Business Administration is called the Professional Master of Business Administration (abbreviated as MBA). It is a professional degree master corresponding to the academic master of business administration. The establishment of this degree aims to cultivate pragmatic, compound and applied high-level management talents who can be competent for the high-level management of business enterprises and economic management departments in the future.

The admission of the MBA exam for the unified enrollment degree is divided into the initial exam and the re-examination. The initial exam is the unified national enrollment examination for postgraduate students at the end of December each year. The score must reach the national line for postgraduate entrance or the school can take the re-examination. Only after passing the re-examination Admission. MBAs admitted to the national postgraduate examination are all general higher education, and are divided into full-time postgraduates and part-time postgraduates according to the form of study

Development History

Historical origin

MBA was originally born in the United States. After a hundred years of exploration and hard work, it has cultivated a large number of outstanding business management talents and created myths and miracles of American economic development. People who have obtained MBA degrees were once known as "the pride of heaven" and "management talents". They have become special figures respected and envied by the business community and even the society, and even regarded as "business heroes" in the eyes of the public.

According to statistics, most of the general managers, chairman of the board and other senior executives of the 500 largest companies in the United States are MBAs. This amazing fact is the best explanation for the successful performance of MBA education. MBA means superior ability, courage, and morality; it represents wealth, status, power, and honor; it indicates hope, success and glory.

Professional presentation

Business Administration is the science of studying the laws of profitable organizations' business activities and the theories, methods and technologies of business management.

The scope of this major is relatively wide, and there are many courses to learn, covering many courses in economics and management. Therefore, business administration is a relatively broad-based subject, and individuals can choose the professional direction according to their own hobbies. Such as corporate management, marketing, human resources, financial management, accounting and corporate investment.

The society thinks that business administration is business administration. In fact, there are some misunderstandings. There are big differences between business management and business administration in terms of professional training goals, core competencies, and professional courses. Therefore, the two cannot be treated as a professional.

Course type

The first is a course for senior managers of the company to take, usually after working hours to study, called Executive MBA (Executive MBA, referred to as EMBA);

The second type is the general MBA program for current managers or university graduates to improve their management knowledge, corresponding to the academic master of business administration, which is the prototype of the master of business administration.

The third type is the MBA program for those who are currently employed or have more than two years of work experience to strengthen their professional foundation in business management, also known as the Special Master of Business Administration (SMBA)