Harvard MBA

by Business Management April. 24,2023
Harvard MBA

The Harvard MBA is one of the most popular and valuable degrees in the world. Every year, thousands of hopeful students enter the door of Harvard Business School. It is not too much to say that Harvard Business School is the mother of all business schools in the world

Although Harvard ranked 5th among the best business schools in the United States in 1998 recently selected by Business Weekly, after the University of Pennsylvania, Northwestern University, the University of Chicago and the University of Michigan, actual statistics show that Harvard Business School is still The best, because it ranks first in "those that can really explain the problem." For example, the average annual salary of its graduates is 145,000 U.S. dollars (including year-end dividends), while the average annual salary of the MBA of the University of Pennsylvania is only 125,000 U.S. dollars; the proportion of graduates earning more than 100,000 U.S. dollars is as high as 86%, which is much higher than Other universities; on average, there are 4 job opportunities available for each graduate. Since no university can surpass or come close to Harvard Business School in the above indicators, everyone agrees that Harvard is the veritable leader. The evaluations of major companies on Harvard MBA in terms of analytical ability, team spirit and global concept are all "A".

Harvard Business School is almost the most difficult business school in the United States to apply for. In 1998, only 13% of the number of applicants were admitted. On average, only 1 student was admitted for every 8 applicants. Its tuition fees are almost the highest. The annual tuition is as high as US$26,000, second only to the University of Chicago. However, compared to the high annual salary of more than US$100,000 after graduation, this expensive investment is also worthwhile. . Harvard's other charges are also staggering. In addition to tuition, there are also various famous halls such as food, accommodation, medical insurance, sports facilities usage fees, parking space fees (if there are cars), student union fees, and even cases. The material cost is about 5 yuan per copy. What’s even more amazing is that you can also pay dozens of dollars to include your profile in the Harvard Business School student directory, but after it is compiled, the school will sell it to interested universities for hundreds of dollars per volume. company. Therefore, some people commented that the purpose of Harvard Business School may be a non-profit organization, but it will never operate at a loss.

Harvard's full-time MBA system is two years, in which all the compulsory courses in the first academic year are taught together in the same classroom. In the classroom, each case is completed through a dialogue between the professor and the classmates. About 800 cases are used in the entire learning career. Students must carefully read and analyze each case before class, and express their own analysis and views on the case during class discussion. The process of class discussion is controlled by the professor, and try to make the ideas of the whole class reach a certain degree of agreement, or at least draw several conclusions that can be clarified by the case itself.

Most of the courses are started by the professor randomly calling a student to make an opening speech. This student takes 5-10 minutes to summarize several key points in the case, provide an analysis framework for understanding the case, and also provide solutions The problem described in the case proposes an action plan. Next, he may have to refute the accusations made by other classmates for his speech. The score of his speech depends to a large extent on the reaction of other students. No matter how pertinent the content of the speech or pure nonsense, as long as you speak, you can get class participation points, and class participation points often account for as much as 50% of the final score of each course. Therefore, every student strives to get as many opportunities as possible to participate in the classroom. But there is a principle, that is, if someone else says it first, you can't say the same point again, otherwise it's a waste of time and disrespect for others.

The study group is also a very important tradition at Harvard. A good study group is the key to success in the entire study life. The members of the study group usually gather for discussions late at night or before class in the morning. In this discussion, everyone inspires each other to ensure that the main points in the case are not missed, and can express their opinions in a more relaxed and casual environment. Therefore, many people say that the study group is an indispensable part of the social process of Harvard Business School students. If you do not participate in a study group, it means that your "Harvard experience" will have irreparable regrets.

In addition to the Harvard MBA, among many first-class American university MBAs, another one that has successfully adopted case-based teaching is the MBA of the University of Northern Iowa in the United States. As an American university also accredited by AACSB. The University of Northern Iowa has inherited the American elite education tradition and pragmatic ideas, and has created an MBA teaching model of theory + case + business simulation experience. Together with the Harvard MBA, it is known as an outstanding representative of case teaching in the United States.